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GW is a pup out of 4xGMPR HRCH Advantage of Yankee and CPR SHR Advantage Pearl Hart.  Pedigree Link Selecting him for training up to started dog wasn't difficult we just went out and the first one to come over was selected.  He does have a strong retreiving drive and is a hard pointer like all the pups we produce.  I only have one GW so if your wanting a really advanced started dog in the Spring you may want to get in touch with me fairly soon.  Half down and half on pickup.


He will be ready to go to his forever home in April 2020


Price $5000


This page is dedicated to his training you can start at the top and work backwards to his early puppy days if you like.

Started Means:  The Dog has all the basics, sit, here, heel. The dog points at a distance, is steady to wing and shot, sits at shot and waits until name is called to retreive.  The dog can do double retreives and blind retreives.  They are ready to compete or may have already passed the HRC started tests and the American Pointing Lab Association (CPR) Certified Pointing Retreiver test.  I know that this is much more than a typical started dog but to me started means they are ready to hunt.  Price $5000 He will be ready to go home in April 2020.

Get a Pup and get a started Dog! How it works?  You pick a puppy and at 8 weeks you take them home and have your bonding time.  They return anytime after 6 months of age and go through our Intensive training course 3-4 months.  If you want them to run hunt tests you enter them when they are ready and we will run them.  Typically they go home with two titles, but test passes aren't guarenteed to many variables in testing but they will have all the training needed to pass the test.  Then you come out and spend the day with us as teach you how to work and maintain their skills.

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