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APR or Higher Dam..............Yes


GMPR Sire............................Yes


Proven Blood Lines................Yes


Reputable Breeder.................Yes


26 Month Guarantee..............Yes


Our Business

We stand behind our dogs and our word.  We believe character counts, and we
treat every individual with utmost dignity and respect.  We love to hear back on
how your puppy is progressing.  Thanks for your business!


What We Guarantee

Advantage Pointing Labs provides a 26 month hip and eye guarantee.  The guarantee provides for genetic conditions described below, that prevent the dog from successfully passing an Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC) labratory test, or certification by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA), or the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF).


If your puppy is diagnosed by OFA as having severe hip dysplasia, or diagnosed by a Diplomat of the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO) with Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA), we will replace it with a puppy of comparable breeding.  Replacement will not be done until all documentation from OFA, EIC, or CERF is sent to Advantage Pointing Labs including a written statement from your veterinarian confirming that the dog has been spayed or neutered.  Shipping is to be paid by the customer.


The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) shall be the sole judge regarding hip dysplasia. The Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF) shall be the sole judge regarding eye defects. The University of Minnesota Vetrinary Diagnostic Lab shall conduct the EIC test. This guarantee applies only to hereditary defects and is valid only to the original purchaser of the dog. Injury, mistreatment, or breeding the dog prior to clearance by both OFA, EIC, CERF shall void this guarantee.


In order for the guarantee to be valid, the characters "Advantage" must appear in the AKC registered name.  This guarantee must be in the original owner's name, and is non-transferrable to new owners if the dog is sold.  A dog may be an EIC carrier (i.e Oakley puppy or SD2 carrier Rose puppy), but not positive meaning it carries one copy of the gene and therefore does not have the disease. This breeding would be done only to preserve the genetic contribution from a world class stud dog such as Rockerin Medicine Beau and STK Tub Full of Mallards. These resulting dogs are only to be used as breeding stock with EIC or SD2 clear partners unless cleared by EIC test.


Puppy purchases have a 48 hour window to take their new puppy to the vet for their first checkup.  This ensures the puppy is in tip top shape.  If an issue arrises during that time the purchaser can receive a full refund on the return of the puppy.

How The Pick Order Is Done

How does the pick order work?  We use the time we recieve the deposit to assign pick orders. 


We take male and female picks.  This following describes how it works.  We will say there are two picks for yellow males ahead of you and you send us a deposit  for a black male only 3rd pick and a black male is not produced you can not switch to a yellow or chocolate unless one is available (unpicked).  You can apply your deposit to another future litter or have a refund once the litter is 8 weeks old.  If you had put in for a black male with yellow and or chocolate as an option, then you will have your 3rd pick but not your first color choice. Lastly, in case of a tri color litter.  Generally there are few chocolates produced.  In this case 3 yellow males 1 black male and 1 chocolate male is produced.  If only one person put down chocolate then their pick is settled.  Even though you have 1st pick male you get to pick from yellow or black.  The chocolate pick no matter what number say pick 2 can not change their pick to another color.


Another scenario could be we receive 5 female picks and 5 male picks and the litter produces only 9 puppies with 7 males and 2 females.  Let's say that all of the first 5 male picks received what they desired as far as color.  The first two female picks go as planned.  For those that remain we would offer as a first option, for those with female picks 3-5 an opportunity to take a male puppy.  If they chose to do so they would become pick 6 and 7 for males.  The 5th pick for the female would not get a puppy from this litter.  They would have the right to apply their deposit to a future litter or recieve a refund.  Refunds are paid out 8 weeks after whelping.



I hope this makes since of the pick method if not please send me your question and I will try to answer it.


33567 CR C

Yuma, CO  80759



Are you looking for the absolute best bloodlines to ensure you will have the best dog for family, hunting, and competition? If you're going to buy a dog why not consider buying a dog that is bred to be a champion!


Are you looking for these names Kiowa Creek Jesse James, Teddy's Ebonstar James, Hilltops Hayseed, Grits Blackforest, Black Gold Kates Rascal, Risky Raider, Blackforrest Sagebrush, Wannamakers Hot Tub, Rockerin Medicine Beau, Ebonstar Lean Mac, Shoals Creek Stormin Normin etc, etc.


Well we got'em and not 10 generations back, their influence is up close and evident that is the Advantage Difference. We assist owners after the sale with free training videos and free training tips to solve most issues with the growing pup.  In addition, we will stand behind it with a 26 month guarantee on hips and eyes.  Our  litters generally have between 10-14 Hall of Fame dogs and at least 4-6 Pheasant Champions in the first 5 generations.  Wow! no wonder they are good pups!


2017 Results


HRC Passes

Tippett started x2

Pearl started x4 Title

Rose Started x4 Title

Bonnie Started x4 Title


Oakley HR Title

Mae HR x1 Title

Hershey Finished x3

Black Jack x2 Finished


APLA Passes

Hershey GMPR Title

Blackjack 4XGMPR Title

Yankee CPR. MPR Title

Pearl CPR Title

Bonnie CPR Title


AKC Passes

Not Ran 2018





2016 Results as of  July 15th


HRC Started Passes

Advantage of Tucker (2)

Avantage of Yankee (4) Title

Echos Freedman (2)

Whitley Moss (2)


HRC Seasoned Passes

Advantage of Blue Duck (4) Title

Mae Kennedy Advantage (2)

Blackjacks Advantage (4) Title

Advantage of Oakley (3) Title


HRC Finished Passes

Blackjack Advantage (4) Title


AKC Passes Senior Hunter

Blackjack Advantage (4) Title

Advantage of Blue Duck (1)

Advantage of Hershey (5)Title


APLA Titles

Advantage of Yankee CPR

Advantage of Mae Kennedy CPR

Advantage of Hershey MPR

Blackjack Advantage 3XGMPR

Advantage of Blue Duck CPR


American Pointing Labrador Association
Hunting Retriever Club
Ducks Unlimited
Pheasants Forever
American Kennel Club

Colorado Law prohibits delivery of any puppy under 8 weeks
 of age Reg 8CCR 1201-11

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