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Welcome to Pearl's puppies page!

Finally arriving on the scene is Yankee X Pearl litter.  We have had clients who have had a deposit for this litter for two years.  


Will you get a great puppy that has the potential to be a world champion retriever and a rockstar pointing lab?  Yes it is all in the genetics.  This is truly an all around breeding and the dog can compete and win in any game field trials, hunt tests, bird dog challenges, pheasant competitions.  You give them the game and they will bring their best.  The breeding is impecable with first 5 generations having 14 FC AFC or higher, 3 QAA, 4 Pheasant Champions, 1 NAGDA National Champion, 19 GMPR or higher, 3 Hall of Famers.  Including some noteables like FC AFC Rebel With A Cause, FC AFC Hilltop's Hayseed, 2xNAFC Teddy's Ebonstar James, FC AFC Calumet's Super Sonic, GMPR Grits of Black Forrest, 4XGMPR Kiowa Creek Jesse James SH, GMPR GMHRCH Rockerin Medicine Beau MH, Holzingers Risky Business SH, GMPR MHR Rik's Risky Raider MH.


Ready to go home anytime after August 17th


Pedigree Link:

Names come from characters in John Wayne films. Pictures come once eyes open.


Ringo: Black Male (blue collar) Chip #6374


Ringo is getting a strong start at life first bird wings then live birds in a netting bag to stalk, point, and chase.  Very birdie nice point!

Crockett: Yellow Male (Brown collar) Chip #5778


I love to play, nap, play, nap and chase them birds then play, nap.  Yep Im a pointer too!

Jake: Black Male (Green collar) Chip #4056


I love to play with my brothers and sisters and carry the birds around.  When I am not busy you will find me asleep in the corner.  Im all about the Point!


Angel: Yellow Female (Yellow collar) Chip #6004


Hey I'm like the middle child.  I don't cause no trouble...well they haven't caught me yet!  Yes I am birdie too.  Im a staunch pointer!

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