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CPR SHR Advantage Calamity Jane

Breeding Fall 2020 

Breeding Fall 2020 - Beau and CPR SHR Advantage of Calamity Jane  (4XGMPR HRCH Black Jack Advantage and CPR SHR To Cattle Kate. $1500.  (Black/Yellow Litter)



66 lb Trifactored DNA clear by parentage.


Ebi has a wonderful personality loves the house, kids, and birds.  Her pedigree is full of Hall of Famers, 4XGMPR, FC, AFC.  Looking forward to some great champion quality dogs.  We spent 4 years breeding to get Ebi which is our replacement of our foundation dog Kate.  She is exactly like Kate in personality, Drive, Rock solid point at a distance.  Awesome dog! 


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Retired Ladies

TO Cattle Kate "Kate"


(CP) Certified Pointer and (APR) Advanced Pointing Retriever. Kate is 65 pounds of sweetheart at home and pure energy in the field. She is a very focused hunter. Her motor is unstoppable she will not stop hunting, training, or playing until you make her.  Kate has a strong disposition to please and is a quick learner.  She has a hard tri-pod point and a very keen sense of smell.  She will point birds up to 30 yards away accurately. She has a natural range of 30-40 yards. She has successfully passed on the tripod point to all her litters. Her last litter was whelped Nov 13 2017.


Her Eyes (Cerf) are Good, Hips are (OFA) excellent, and is EIC clear.   Heading to Retirement

Click Here for Kate's Litter Page                                  Kate's Pedigree:

1.5x GMPR HR Advantage Annie Oakley SH "Oak"

Titled: In training born Sept 4 2013

Oakley is Retired.  Oakley is exceptionally friendly, great house dog, very birdie and displaying the tripod point that Kate passes on.  She has a bright future in the field and in the dog trials. We have plans for her to compete in the Spring for her APLA (CP)(APR) Advanced Pointing Retriever and AKC (JH) Junior Hunt Titles.  She did a great job and accomplished all of this before age 11 months.  Moving on to Senior Hunter/Master Hunter training for 2015 and GMPR Grand Master Pointing Retriever.  Awesome Pup!




  • She headed off to K & L Kennels March 9th
  • She passed her CP Title April 12th at Higginsville MO Test handled by K&L Kennels
  • She passed her APR Tirle June 1st in Armour SD.
  • She passed her first two day trial for AKC Junior Hunter title June 8th
  • She passed her 3rd Junior Hunt pass June 22nd in Nebraska.
  • She achieved her Junior Hunter title July 1 Wellington CO. Then more and more of them.

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CPR, SHR Advantage Rose Dunn

CPR, SHR Advantage of Rose


67lbs, DNA tested clear EIC,CNM, PRA/PRCD, HNPK, RD/OSD, SD2 carrier pawprints panel. Color coat BB/ee.  This girl can mark birds at 7 months she was doing 80-100 yard triples.  Great disposition and lots of go with a great nose for bird scent.  This pic is when she was younger on a whoa training.  She has the classic stocky and blocky build.


Her Sire APLA Hall of Famer STK's Tub Full of Mallards and her bottom side brings in the best of Tiger Mountain Labs including 4XGMPR Wandermers Tazvernetti QAA MH. Other noteables among the 6 Hall of Famers and 3 pheasant champions are Wannamaker's Hot Tub, AFC Trieven Twist and Shout APLA HOF, Holzinger's Risky Business Ph Champ, 2XNAFC, FC, CFC, Ebonstar Lean Mac, GMPR Rik's Risky Raider Ph Champ APLA HOF, FC AFC Hilltop's Hayseed and 2011 NAFC, FC, AFC Cody Cut a Lean Grade.


We are breeding her with 4XGMPR HRCH Black Jack Advantage SH for a November 16th whelping black/yellow litter.


Pedigree Link:

CPR SHR Advantage of Elle Dumont

CPR SHR Elle Dumont

65 lb DNA clear by parentage (GMPR HR Advantage of Hershey SH x 3.5xGMPR HRCH Advnatage Mae Kennedy) 


Elle is a beautiful chocolate dog that is easy in the house and a monster in the field.  Quiet a staunch pointer that is all about birds. Excellent family dog, but very birdie and a strong tripoint pointer.  Her pedigree is full of Hall of Famers, 4XGMPR, FC, AFC litterally the best of the best.  Looking forward to some great champion quality dogs with this breeding with Yankee.


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