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We breed and train champion upland and waterfowl retriever gundogs! Why have a dog that only retrieves?

We are absolutely committed to producing the highest performance labs for the field and home.  If you are looking for a soft mouthed, fully charged, sensitive, and obedient dual purpose upland and waterfowl hunting partner then get the ADVANTAGE difference!  We only breed one or two litters of pointing labs per year and most are placed before the breeding actually occurs.  We are a premier provider of pointing lab puppies for sale our pups have passed hunt tests at 3 1/2 months of age!  We have CEO's of major corporations, pheasant and upland guides, field trialers, hunt test folks, and many clients who just hunt for sport. (More videos below)


The fact is no matter how much the puppy costs, or how great its parentage,
you can't train into a gun dog what is not already in its DNA.  Our females have awesome pedigrees hard tripod points, advanced titles or higher and we only breed to a very selective group of Grand Master studs.  This provides you with a top quality waterdog and an awesome pointer for upland.  We do guarantee our pups will point!


Our Labradors are used for hunting throughout the year and have passed a number of hunting tests and field trials in the American Pointing Lab Association, American Kennel Club, and Hunting Retriever Clubs of America, in order to prove they rank among the highest in quality for Labrador Retrievers.


We love Labrador Retrievers, due to their drive and intelligence, and when you get home you have an enjoyable family pet. We strive to produce puppies that are easy to train and will perform at the highest levels of retrieving and pointing.


If the traits of intelligence, pointing, and retrieving aren't there to begin with, then it is kind of like teaching a tea cup dog to retrieve ducks they just can't do it, it is all in the genes.

We took Kate to finish her HRC-SHR Title in North Platte NE and three pups from her last litter also brought home pass ribbons at 15 weeks.  Amazing to see these little dogs so focused they all made 70 yard retrieves on land and water carrying a duck just a bit smaller then they were.  That is the Advantage Difference a focused, driven dog that knows what to do naturally!

Think about your checklist for the perfect dog.  What does it look like?  Maybe the list below may help in addition to being easy to train, hard pointers, and phenominal retrievers our pups are...


  • Grand master sired

  • Moms at least have Advanced titles

  • They come with a 26 Month guarantee

  • Genetically clean pups, Hips and Eyes also

  • Point at 6-8 weeks

  • Many earn passes at hunt tests before 4 months of age

  • They come from a reputable breeder

  • The breeder offers great customer service

  • The breeder provides free dog training videos for customers

Yeah we take all of them Visa, Discover, Master Card, American Express, Bitcoin.  You can also see us on Gun Dog Central or Gun Dog Breeders.

Puppy Deposit
310.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

You are placing a deposit on a new puppy only after we agree to place a puppy in your home. There is a $10 pass through charge for using a credit card.



33567 CR C

Yuma, CO  80759



Are you looking for the absolute best bloodlines to ensure you will have the best dog for family, hunting, and competition? If you're going to buy a dog why not consider buying a dog that is bred to be a champion!


Are you looking for these names Kiowa Creek Jesse James, Teddy's Ebonstar James, Hilltops Hayseed, Grits Blackforest, Black Gold Kates Rascal, Risky Raider, Blackforrest Sagebrush, Wannamakers Hot Tub, Rockerin Medicine Beau, Ebonstar Lean Mac, Shoals Creek Stormin Normin etc, etc.


Well we got'em and not 10 generations back, their influence is up close and evident that is the Advantage Difference. We assist owners after the sale with free training videos and free training tips to solve most issues with the growing pup.  In addition, we will stand behind it with a 26 month guarantee on hips and eyes.  Our  litters generally have between 10-14 Hall of Fame dogs and at least 4-6 Pheasant Champions in the first 5 generations.  Wow! no wonder they are good pups!


2017 Results


HRC Passes

Tippett started x2

Pearl started x4 Title

Rose Started x4 Title

Bonnie Started x4 Title


Oakley HR Title

Mae HR x1 Title

Hershey Finished x3

Black Jack x2 Finished


APLA Passes

Hershey GMPR Title

Blackjack 4XGMPR Title

Yankee CPR. MPR Title

Pearl CPR Title

Bonnie CPR Title


AKC Passes

Not Ran 2018





2016 Results as of  July 15th


HRC Started Passes

Advantage of Tucker (2)

Avantage of Yankee (4) Title

Echos Freedman (2)

Whitley Moss (2)


HRC Seasoned Passes

Advantage of Blue Duck (4) Title

Mae Kennedy Advantage (2)

Blackjacks Advantage (4) Title

Advantage of Oakley (3) Title


HRC Finished Passes

Blackjack Advantage (4) Title


AKC Passes Senior Hunter

Blackjack Advantage (4) Title

Advantage of Blue Duck (1)

Advantage of Hershey (5)Title


APLA Titles

Advantage of Yankee CPR

Advantage of Mae Kennedy CPR

Advantage of Hershey MPR

Blackjack Advantage 3XGMPR

Advantage of Blue Duck CPR


American Pointing Labrador Association
Hunting Retriever Club
Ducks Unlimited
Pheasants Forever
American Kennel Club

Colorado Law prohibits delivery of any puppy under 8 weeks
 of age Reg 8CCR 1201-11

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