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Taking Reservations for 4X GMPR HRCH Black Jack Advantage SH and CPR, SHR Advantage Rose Dunn Born 11-19-18 home 01-14-19

CPR, SHR Rose Dunn is 60 pound bundle of love and joy .  She is clear on EIC, CNM, PRA.  She is an excellent marker and an intelligent pointer.  She doesn't waste any movements in the field she wants to get on the bird and get it done fast.  We are rebreeding her with Jack all of last years litter were tripod pointers and the reports coming in from clients have all been extremely positive.  See our studs page for Jack's information.


Will I have a great puppy from this litter?  Well lets see in the first 5 generations there is at least 5 Hall of Famers, 4 pheasant champions, Multiple NAFC, FC, AFC, Several QAA, 1 NAGDA Nat Champion, Many GMPR's, Master Hunters they will be double bred top and bottom with FC AFC Hilltops Hayseed and GMPR MHR Rik's Risky Raider MH, HOF, GMPR Wannamakers Hot Tub SH.  Rose's sire is 4XGMPR STK's Tub Full of Mallards MH HOF. Other noteables 2xNAFC 2XCNAFC FC CFC Ebonstar Lean Mac, GMPR Grits of Black Forrest SH HOF, GMPR Cashingers Cattail Corky HOF, CPR SHoal Creek's Stromin Normin MH QAA, GMPR GMHRCH HRCH Rockerin Medicine Beau MH HOF, SR Ima Blackjack Ruby  NAGDA Nat Champ, Mult  iple Gun Dog Champ, 4xGMPR Kiowa Creek Jesse James SH, 4xGMPR HRCH Medicine Beaus Bairn MH Ph Champ, FC AFC Code Blue HOF, FC AFC Crow River's Cougars Mad Max, NAFC FC AFC Cody Cut A Lean Grade, 4xGMPR Wandermers Tazverniti MH QAA etc. etc.  So yes these puppies have all the genetics and talents it takes to make a champion.

Aspen Chip#5704

Yellow Female

Delta Chip# 6270

Yellow Female

Aurora Chip#5845

Yellow Female

Hayden Chip#3174

Yellow Male

Bailey Chip#3014

Black Female

Red Feather Chip#6613

Black Female

Boone Chip#5981

Black Male

Clark Chip#3388

Black Male

Denver Chip#3889

Yellow Male


33567 CR C

Yuma, CO  80759



Are you looking for the absolute best bloodlines to ensure you will have the best dog for family, hunting, and competition? If you're going to buy a dog why not consider buying a dog that is bred to be a champion!


Are you looking for these names Kiowa Creek Jesse James, Teddy's Ebonstar James, Hilltops Hayseed, Grits Blackforest, Black Gold Kates Rascal, Risky Raider, Blackforrest Sagebrush, Wannamakers Hot Tub, Rockerin Medicine Beau, Ebonstar Lean Mac, Shoals Creek Stormin Normin etc, etc.


Well we got'em and not 10 generations back, their influence is up close and evident that is the Advantage Difference. We assist owners after the sale with free training videos and free training tips to solve most issues with the growing pup.  In addition, we will stand behind it with a 26 month guarantee on hips and eyes.  Our  litters generally have between 10-14 Hall of Fame dogs and at least 4-6 Pheasant Champions in the first 5 generations.  Wow! no wonder they are good pups!


2017 Results


HRC Passes

Tippett started x2

Pearl started x4 Title

Rose Started x4 Title

Bonnie Started x4 Title


Oakley HR Title

Mae HR x1 Title

Hershey Finished x3

Black Jack x2 Finished


APLA Passes

Hershey GMPR Title

Blackjack 4XGMPR Title

Yankee CPR. MPR Title

Pearl CPR Title

Bonnie CPR Title


AKC Passes

Not Ran 2018





2016 Results as of  July 15th


HRC Started Passes

Advantage of Tucker (2)

Avantage of Yankee (4) Title

Echos Freedman (2)

Whitley Moss (2)


HRC Seasoned Passes

Advantage of Blue Duck (4) Title

Mae Kennedy Advantage (2)

Blackjacks Advantage (4) Title

Advantage of Oakley (3) Title


HRC Finished Passes

Blackjack Advantage (4) Title


AKC Passes Senior Hunter

Blackjack Advantage (4) Title

Advantage of Blue Duck (1)

Advantage of Hershey (5)Title


APLA Titles

Advantage of Yankee CPR

Advantage of Mae Kennedy CPR

Advantage of Hershey MPR

Blackjack Advantage 3XGMPR

Advantage of Blue Duck CPR


American Pointing Labrador Association
Hunting Retriever Club
Ducks Unlimited
Pheasants Forever
American Kennel Club

Colorado Law prohibits delivery of any puppy under 8 weeks
 of age Reg 8CCR 1201-11

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